4 Reasons Why You Should Stay Healthy

4 Reasons Why You Should Stay Healthy

Posted by on Jul 25, 2016 in Health & Fitness

No doubt it is very important to stay healthy. Right from our childhood, we have heard our parents asking us to eat right and do exercise. The reason for this is very simple – right food and good physical exercise will benefit us in a number of ways. To know more about the benefits, you can either click here for Health & Fitness Articles or go through the list given below:

  1. Heart health improved

Without any doubt, it is proven that you can maintain proper lipid level and healthy bloo

How To Eradicate Those Embarrassing Skin Tags Permanently?

How To Eradicate Those Embarrassing Skin Tags Permanently?

Posted by on Jun 5, 2016 in Health & Fitness

Skin tags are the benign little flaps of tissue that outgrow your skin. Although they are harmless from medical’s perspective, they may harm your self esteem. They are small flesh colored growths that if grown at a visible position, leaves you irritated and infected. Private Dermatologists offer a perfect guide to help you learn some of the best methods for skin tag removal london.

Medically named as Acrochordons, these skin tags may develop on anyone, anytime and anywhere on the body. Most often, these growths are seen on the neck, underarms, groin folds, under breasts or on the eyelids. They are commonly noticed in the adults and every person will normally get one skin tag in their entire lifespan. Let’s check out two methods: (1) Doctor’s Advice and (2) Home Remedies to effectively eradicate these skin tags.

Doctor’s Recommended Methods

  1. First Advice is Let them be Untreated

The skin tags are harmless, do not usually cause pain and don’t indicate any specific medical problem also. So, it’s a viable option to leave them as they are instead of risking the associated removal complications.

  1. Doctor removes them with scalpel or scissors

Doctors remove them by numbing the area giving local anesthesia and severing them at base with scissors or scalpel. This is a painless process and several skin tags can be removed at a single sitting.

  1. Doctor removes them by cauterizing them

This is a cauterization (burning) method and ensures that the skin tags do not appear again. It is carried out by heating the metal and applying to the area. The skin tags appearing on the visible areas such as face and neck can be treated leaving no scars by the modern techniques such as electrocautery and chemical cautery.

  1. Avoid getting the skin tags irritated

Generally, the skin tags are unobtrusive, but if rubbed continually by the jewelry or clothing, may cause irritation and start bleeding.

Natural Unverified Home Remedies

  1. Apply cream regularly on the skin tags

There are certain creams that claim to eradicate skin tags effectively, but there are no medical studies that have corroborated the claim. However, there are people who regularly apply the creams and claim to having success.

  1. Tie up the skin tags with dental floss

This is also called Ligation, killing the skin tag by temporary blocking off the blood flow to that part.

  1. Remove them by freezing

This is just like freezing away the wart using liquid nitrogen. Applying liquid nitrogen to the tag, it will fall off anytime in several days or weeks.

  1. Covering them by duct tape

Cover the skin tag completely by a small piece of duct tape. Check regularly, if it has fallen when the tape gets lose and reapply if it hasn’t fallen off.

  1. Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Soak a small cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar and place it on the skin tag. Follow this 3 times a day and after several days you’ll notice that it changes the color and eventually falls off.

So, these were some very useful methods to get rid of the unwanted skin tags. Do you know any more ways, please share!